D&D Power, Inc. specializes in installing, repairing and performing maintenance services on electrical power lines as well as private indoor and outdoor lighting. We have the ability and know-how to perform any job of any size. What sets us apart is our efficient, value-driven electrical contracting model. We're able to meet the needs of clients with varying size and length electrical projects, so they pay only for work performed, not for maintaining a workforce.


D&D Power was founded by Darren Donohue in 2006. Through Mr. Donohue's experience working with large utility carriers, he noticed the need for a company with a scalable workforce. He aligned himself with others who felt the same way and together now his management team brings over 100 years of experience in electric transmission and distribution.


Responding to Need

Electric utility companies rely heavily on their power lines and transmission equipment. In order to sustain revenue streams, a utility has to maximize the available time for each and every transmission line. A single line out of service can cost over $100,000 per hour. 

These same utilities are also regulated and cannot adjust prices to respond to market conditions without lengthy approval. The utilities have high fixed costs and little way to modify prices fast enough to ensure a consistent profit which forces them to gain control over the fixed costs.

A growing trend within utilities as part of the quest to reduce fixed costs is to modify their approach to line maintenance. Traditionally, maintenance staff from utilities had to be large enough to handle mass outages during severe weather events. This results in overstaffing during fare weather. The utility companies are now significantly reducing the size of their maintenance operations and increasingly relying upon contract maintenance services. This allows the utility to scale rapidly to handle severe weather events, without having to incur these costs year round.

So instead of relying on their own staff they rely on the expertise of contractors. The problem is most contractors only have the staff and equipment to run several trucks, thus forcing the utility company to contract multiple contractors to get the job done, causing logistical and management headaches.


D&D Power has the ability to scale instantly to the needs of utility companies. We can provide one worker or one thousand. This means utility companies only need one contractor to restore power to 1000's of customers in wake of a natural disaster. All work is performed by union labor and is fully insured. D&D has the The Power to Provide®.