Phil Utter – Director of Environmental, Health & Safety

Timothy Andrews – Comptroller

Becci Enders – Senior Estimator

RFPs can be sent to:

​Darren Donohue – Chief Executive Officer

Ken Loynes – President & Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Symons – Vice President, Operations

​Requests for Storm Restoration Services can be sent to:


D&D Power’s senior management team brings over 100 years of combined industry experience. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Darren Donohue, formed the company in 2006, when he saw that the electric industry was rapidly changing. He noticed utilities increasingly required to provide the same level of reliability while holding the line on costs in a world of ever-growing complexity. He also saw major construction projects requiring sophisticated electrical teams functioning at the highest levels of efficiency and safety. Mr. Donohue’s solution: create a company that can scale to meet the needs of varying size and length electrical projects to ensure clients only pay for services as they are being delivered. The result: significantly reduced costs for customers.